Curriculum Vitae

Klaar Wolff
Zwanendreef 22
2161 KZ Lisse
Tel. 0252-411367

Klaar Wolff was born in 1953 in Haarlem.
She lives and works as an artist in Lisse, Netherlands, and sometimes in France where she owns a little place where she can spend the holidays.
She works as a teacher in Utrecht with students of the Faculty of Creative Art Therapy.
You can reach Klaar at 0252-411367, by e-mail at, or by post at her address in Lisse.

1970/75: Creative arts, Amersfoort, Middeloo
1980/82: History of Art, Bouman Academy, Amsterdam
1990/91: Free Academy Den Haag

Selected exhibitions
1990 Department of Financial Affairs, Den Haag
1991 Art Zandvoort
1992 Art-akti Lisse
1993 Oude Veerhuis, Beusinchem
1994 Art Manifestation Spaarndam
1995 Gallery Catherina, Hillegom
1996 Gallery De Pomp, Warmond
1997 Gallery JA, Eindhoven
1998 Gallery Het Oude Raadhuis,Warmond
1999 Gallerie Buorren, Terherne, Friesland
1999 Jazzexhibition Culturele Raad, Hillegom
2000 Gallery 1901, Sneek
2000 Art Manifestation Pieterskerk, Leiden
2001 Gallery Kos, Zierikzee
Other countries:
1998 Great Harmony, Nagano, Japan
1998 Exhibition Cultural Park, Cheng Du, China

Art in stock
Gallery Catherina, Hillegom
Gallery van Eijck, Rotterdam
Gallery Kos, Zierikzee

2000 Jazz-painting award, from the foundation of Jazz Perdido.